Super slow HP ILO 2 web interface

Erik Levinson erik.levinson at
Thu Jan 24 02:24:41 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

This is probably an OT question for this list, but I thought someone here may have encountered this.

I've been having a really annoying super slow web interface access to ILO 2 on our DL360 G5s and G6s, since day one, on all of them. SSH to ILO is perfectly fine. IPMI is fine. VSP is fine. Everything to do with ILO is fine except the damn web interface, which is slow to load pages intermittently. It kind of works in bursts for a few seconds when it works, so I try to do things quickly. It's hard to characterize exactly what's happening beyond my vague description, but I've looked at the dev tools in Chrome, tried FF, etc. with no luck. 

One thing I haven't tried in a while is a packet capture of an ILO port to see if it's doing something weird, like trying to do rDNS on the client's IP or on itself, etc. 

If it helps, our config doesn't use DHCP and otherwise all the boxes are reset to defaults, then have their IP/SM/GW configured and local users configured...nothing fancy. We do use our own SSL certs, but the problem happens without them as well, so I've already ruled that out. 

Does anyone have any ideas on what obvious thing I could have missed? 



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