Slashdot: UK ISP PlusNet Testing Carrier-Grade NAT Instead of IPv6

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> Not sure about Vonage, but Skype, Xbox, and just about everything else
> imaginable (other than hosting a server) works just fine over NAT with
> default-deny inbound here, and we have several thousand students in the
> dorms that bang the heck out of those services.  Most applications have
> adapted to the SOHO NATing router that is prevalent today on broadband
> internet.  And if it didn't work, believe me, I'd hear about it :)
> Jeff

Really? We get a lot of students complaining about PS3s and Xboxes and giving us documentation for various games indicating that either NAT(PAT) must support UPnP or statically mapped inbound connections, or the game won't work. On the other hand, multi-player games are about the only thing that our users are actually telling us isn't working, we haven't heard any complaints about Skype, Vonage, or other VoIP or IM products.


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