CGN fixed/hashed nat question

Sander Steffann sander at
Wed Jan 23 13:37:57 UTC 2013


> There are several conflicting requirements, including:
> - requirement to run a business which makes money
> - constraints on IPv4 addresses which mandate NAT
> - law enforcement requirements, mandating either logging / port tracking
> - network telemetry
> law enforcement requirements aren't generally an issue until you get hit up
> by a LEA / court order, at which point they become critical to ensuring
> that your management doesn't end up displaying contempt of court.  For some
> reason, management can get quite excited about this - more so than any
> enthusiasm they might ever show for good quality network telemetry.

I am so glad that Dutch law enforcement officially confirmed that logging is not allowed by law because of privacy impact, and that port tracking is not required.

Yes: they see that this will cause problems. But "it's the law" (at least, the current law).

- Sander

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