CALEA options for small/midsize ISPs

Jimmy Hess mysidia at
Mon Jan 21 04:58:48 UTC 2013

On 1/20/13, Warren Bailey <wbailey at> wrote:
> want to play ball, they take what you give with a smile. I would be
> curious to see what would happen if a lawful intercept request came
> through and the service provider refused to process it. I have been a

The LEAs might be flexible in how they are willing to take the data.
But it would be a very dangerous proposition indeed to outright
'refuse';   I am sure most organizations would be exhausting   every
reasonable course to satisfy the requirements of the order.

Forget about FCC civil  penalties:  the LEA may start arresting
managers responsible for refusal,  on the charges of obstruction,  due
to interfering with an investigation.

People might talk about refusing to process  a CALEA warrant.

IF/when they do receive such a lawful order:   I am almost positive
they  will respond in some way other  than a refusal to attempt to

So that's probably why it's not likely we will hear of a refusal
occuring, at least for a long time

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