CALEA options for small/midsize ISPs

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Mon Jan 21 04:03:16 UTC 2013

Our Trusted Third Party (TTP) asked us to IP Traffic Export.  As others
commented in this forum, the LEAs is not looking for SPs to replace their
entire networks to create an ideal CALEA-compliant environment.  It's my
understanding that LEA will take a Cisco IP Traffic Export flow.


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	I don't see any mention of CALEA. A traffic dump won't satisfy a


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>Another option is the IP traffic export option.
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>We used Cisco for lawful intercept.. Their mibs are wanky and at the time
>only the 7206 was support for the LI functionality. Food for thought.
>From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.
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>Hello All,
>My company is looking at updating our CALEA set up.  Our network has
>changed appreciably since our initial rollout and I am looking at
>Cisco's Lawful Intercept.  I'm wondering what people are using as
>Devices", aka what the Cisco routers are sending the Lawful Intercept
>stream to.
>Cisco's Lawful Intercept seems like a solid option since all it requires
>for us is an IOS upgrade on our core routers and something to act as a
>Mediator, but I'm also interested in solutions others are using.
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