CALEA options for small/midsize ISPs

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Sun Jan 20 23:46:07 UTC 2013

	Are you looking at a Mediation box because you are doing VOIP?

	Other than Cisco I am familiar with DeepSweep.

	I have heard of Verint, Utimaco, and Pine Digital.  However, no 1st hand
knowledge or anything other than passing. :-)


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Subject: CALEA options for small/midsize ISPs

>Hello All,
>My company is looking at updating our CALEA set up.  Our network has
>changed appreciably since our initial rollout and I am looking at
>Cisco's Lawful Intercept.  I'm wondering what people are using as
>Devices", aka what the Cisco routers are sending the Lawful Intercept
>stream to.
>Cisco's Lawful Intercept seems like a solid option since all it requires
>for us is an IOS upgrade on our core routers and something to act as a
>Mediator, but I'm also interested in solutions others are using.
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