Slashdot: UK ISP PlusNet Testing Carrier-Grade NAT Instead of IPv6

Doug Barton dougb at
Sat Jan 19 04:48:07 UTC 2013

On 01/18/2013 02:07 PM, Jean-Francois Mezei wrote:
> OSI and X.400 never gained much of a foothole and the millenium
> generation probably never heard of them.
> Is it possible that the same fate awaits IPv6 ? There is pressure to go
> to IPv6, but if solutions are found for IPv4 which are simpler and more
> easily deployed, won't that kill any/all efforts to move to IPv6 ?

No, because NAT-like solutions to perpetuate v4 only handle the client 
side of the transaction. At some point there will not be any more v4 
address to assign/allocate to content provider networks. They have seen 
the writing on the wall, and many of the largest (both by traffic and 
market share) have already moved to providing their content over v6.


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