Intermittent incorrect DNS resolution?

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Fri Jan 18 22:46:09 UTC 2013

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> Just an FYI...
> Every version of Windows since Windows 2000 (sans Windows Me) has had
> the DNS Client service which maintained this caching function. This
> was by design due to the massive dependency on DNS resolution which
> Active Directory has had since its creation. It greatly reduced the
> amount of repetitive lookups required thereby speeding up AD based
> functions and lessening the load on DNS servers. It still exists today
> up through Windows 8. You can disable the service, but it will also
> break DDNS updates unless your DHCP server registers hostnames on
> behalf of your clients.

Microsoft broke the Internet just to make their internal networking
work properly?

I'm shocked; *shocked* I tell... yes, just put the money right over there;
*shocked* I say.

You can't imagine how much time that lost me in diagnoses when it first
came out, until we finally located it somewhere on the Internet.

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