For those who may use a projector in the NOC

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  This appears to be an Epson / 3LCD marketing campaign.  


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Hi Eric

In case you didn't see it at the avs forum:

"Obviously brightness is only one metric, but a useful one if there is any ambient light or if you're going after a large screen.

You might recognize my's the one on the four page document highlighted above and available at I'm a product manager for 3LCD.

I'm a little surprised by the comments suggesting we were trying to hide the identity of 3LCD behind the site. Clearly the site doesn't wasn't supposed to. The "Hero" of the site is Color Light Output. The purpose is to provide information about this new measurement methodology.not present the technical details of 3LCD. I thought the 'feedback' page fairly well spells out who was behind it. That said, I will take these comments and make adjustment so that's it's clearer who is supporting the site.

Regarding the projectors selected for testing in table 2 of the document. It is true that all of these projectors are single chip models with color wheels. Why is that? As Scott points out above, an RGB 3-path projector will always have equal parts of WLO and CLO. I know already how an NEC LCD projectors is going to perform. Only single chip projectors were tested in order to better understand how each Color Wheel design impacted CLO. I do admit that the list is heavily leaning towards the biz/ed side of the projection market.that's due to the makeup of sales volumes; only about 10% of projectors are sold into home theater.

I hope, regardless of the company on my business card, that you'll agree with me that providing the customer this additional data is a good thing. My aim here is to get all manufacturers to list CLO as a supported metric."

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