Device specifically made for high capacity GRE tunnels for dozens of sites

Phil Bedard bedard.phil at
Fri Jan 18 18:30:33 UTC 2013

I don't think you are going to find something made just for terminating
GRE tunnels but the Cisco ASR1000 and the Juniper MX5-MX80 or SRX line can
do what you want. 


On 1/18/13 12:51 PM, "A. Pishdadi" <apishdadi at> wrote:

>Can anyone recommend a device that will allow for multiple gigabit gre
>tunnels with ability to handle up to a million pps?
>I know it can be done on a bsd or nix box , or something running junos but
>Im looking for something specifically made and tailored for GRE tunnels.

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