For those who may use a projector in the NOC

Mike Jones mike at
Fri Jan 18 04:11:52 UTC 2013

On 18 January 2013 02:19, Eric Adler <eaptech at> wrote:
> This appears to be an Epson / 3LCD marketing campaign.
> whois shows an admin contact at (on http)
> is the home to a marketing agency, their client links below include "Epson"
> and "3LCD"; clicking 3LCD brings up a still image showing this page.
> Searching for 3LCD finds this Epson page: <
> <> has a very familiar 'feel' as well... and has an admin
> contact at Seiko Epson Corporation
> I won't get into display theory on this list (feel free to contact me if
> you want to discuss such)
> - Eric Adler
> Broadcast Engineer

The only thing I can think relevant regarding projector/monitors in a
NOC situation would be general eye strain issues, which should be
taken in to account in the same way as keyboard/chair positioning etc
by whoever is responsible for health and safety. Anything beyond eye
strain is probably just getting in to colour reproduction discussions
which are largely irrelivant in a NOC.

I for example have all my monitors set to a lower colour temperature
and dimmed as much as feasable, colour reproduction is terrible but
great for avoiding eye strain. I switch back to reasonably normal
settings for watching videos and films etc, but during normal NOC
operation I doubt the colour accuracy needs to be able to distinguish
more than than green/yellow/red (with maybe some shades between).

- Mike

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