Slashdot: UK ISP PlusNet Testing Carrier-Grade NAT Instead of IPv6

Jeff Kell jeff-kell at
Fri Jan 18 00:30:04 UTC 2013

On 1/17/2013 6:50 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:
> Vonage will, in most cases fail through CGN as will Skype, Xbox-360,
> and many of the other IM clients. 

Not sure about Vonage, but Skype, Xbox, and just about everything else
imaginable (other than hosting a server) works just fine over NAT with
default-deny inbound here, and we have several thousand students in the
dorms that bang the heck out of those services.  Most applications have
adapted to the SOHO NATing router that is prevalent today on broadband
internet.  And if it didn't work, believe me, I'd hear about it :)


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