Intermittent incorrect DNS resolution?

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Thu Jan 17 00:16:57 UTC 2013

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> I'm having an unusual DNS problem and would appreciate feedback.
> For the zones in question, primary DNS is provided by GoDaddy and
> secondary DNS by DNS Made Easy. Over a week ago we made changes to
> several A records (including wildcards on two different zones), all
> already having a TTL no greater than one hour.
> The new IPs on those A records have taken many millions of requests
> since the changes. Occasionally, a small amount of traffic appears at
> the old IPs that those A records had. This is HTTP traffic. Packet
> captures of this traffic show various Host headers.

I'm a touch surprised to find that no one has mentioned the facet of
Windows OSs that requires "ipconfig /flushdns" in some such circumstances...

Not only may *browsers* be caching DNS lookups without regard to TTLs,
the *OS* might be doing it to you too, in circumstances I was never quite
able to get a handle on.

XP was known to do this, as late as SP3; I'm not sure about V or 7.

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