RIPE cookies [was]: Dreamhost hijacking my prefix...

Scott Weeks surfer at
Wed Jan 16 19:12:21 UTC 2013

--- jbond at wrote:
From: john <jbond at>
----- On 1/11/13 8:28 PM, Scott Weeks wrote: -----
> RIPE needs to fix on their web site:
> "Please turn on the cookies on your browser to view this site."
> It doesn't have to be this way...

I took a look at this site and unfortunately the use of cookies is very
ingrained into the code.  Removing the requirement breaks all
functionality of and changing the functionality would
require a rewrite of the site.  Our intention is that will replace all functionality currently under  If RIPEstat doesn't provide the functionality you are
looking for, please request it by emailing us at stat at

Hi john,

First, thank you for responding.  Second, what a bummer that RIPE's
code was written that way in the first place.  If it's done that 
way in as well, I (and others who are security-minded) 
will never get to use your site.  Maybe give "brian at merit" a holler 
before writing in such a way that one MUST allow cookies 
just to look at the site.  Maybe it's too late already. :-(  I haven't 
looked, yet...


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