Slashdot: UK ISP PlusNet Testing Carrier-Grade NAT Instead of IPv6

fredrik danerklint fredan-nanog at
Wed Jan 16 17:09:04 UTC 2013

>> I would hope that PlusNet has valid, well-thought-out reasons for deploying
>> CGN instead of IPv6.  Not knowing those, I can only jugde their position on
>> its face: foolish and short-sighted.
> Move along, nothing to see here. Barring a few fanatics, everyone here
> has known for several years now that CGN would be required for
> continuing IPv4 support regardless of the progress of IPv6.
> If you spin it right, it's a "Free network-based firewall to be
> installed next month. Opt out here if you don't want it." And the
> fewer than 1 in 10 folks who opt out really aren't a problem.

Even tough you have very good arguments, my suggestion would be to have 
a class A network (I got that right, right?) for all the users and only 
having 6rd as service on that network.


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