Notice: Fradulent RIPE ASNs

Todd Underwood toddunder at
Wed Jan 16 15:07:40 UTC 2013

> I do not understand why you're so adamant about sending this information
> to an organization primarily distinguished by its incompetence and
> negligence.  If they were actually DOING THEIR JOBS in even minimally
> diligent fashion, then Ron wouldn't needed to write that note or do
> the research behind it, because this wouldn't be happening.

this kind of mostly unfounded vitriole is silly and damages your credibility.

no one seriously believes that the RIPE NCC (which is managed by all
of its members) is primarily distinguished by their incompetence and

i believe this conversation has now gotten to the <plonk> stage.  can
someone compare them to hitler so that we can move on?



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