De-funding the ITU

Eliot Lear lear at
Mon Jan 14 19:10:51 UTC 2013

A point of clarification:

On 1/14/13 7:46 PM, Wayne E Bouchard wrote:
> I'm of the camp that says that, in large measure, the only beneficial
> elements of international telecommunications agreements have been to
> define an international band plan for the radio spectrum. That was,
> afterall, the principal reason these treaties were signed, to prevent
> chaos within the spectrum. (That was also the genesis of the FCC. Too
> bad it didn't confine itself to that.)

There are at least three sets of treaty texts.  The first is the output
of the ITU Plenipotentiary conference, which consists of its
Constitution and Convention and a number of resolutions, the second are
the ITRs (over which we just had the fractious affair in Dubai), and the
third are the Radio Regulations.  You refer to the 3rd set of text and
you clearly are not alone in terms of your thoughts about the ITRs since
55 countries did not sign them.


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