OOB core router connectivity wish list

joel jaeggli joelja at bogus.com
Sun Jan 13 17:15:06 UTC 2013

On 1/13/13 12:12 AM, Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:
> On Sat, 12 Jan 2013, Matthew Petach wrote:
>> Thank goodness ethernet never has problems with negotiation going 
>> awry, and coming up with mismatched duplexes, and vendors never had 
>> to implement "no negotiation-auto" in their configs because you 
>> couldn't count on everyone's implementations working together just 
>> absolutely perfectly the first time on bootup.  Yes, it sure is a 
>> good thing ethernet never has issues like that which would cripple 
>> your ability to get a box up and running at 2am.
Deployments I've worked on are order  of 10^6 managed ports at a time 
10^5ish oob ports, auto-negotiation on copper is not a problem that 
figures in rollouts anymore and hasn't for more than half a decade.
> Has this happened to you with equipment designed and manufactured the 
> past 5 years?
> For me this was a problem with equipment released around 2000, since 
> 2005-2007 or so I haven't seen a single problem that I can recall.
> I blame part of this problem on Cisco who was especially bad at 
> handling autoneg. I remember in 1998 when we couldn't even get link up 
> between a 100 meg LE interface on a Sun and a (I believe) 3500XL. We 
> had to use a hub in between to get link at all. Even worse, different 
> port blocks on the 3500XL behaved differently.

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