De-funding the ITU

John R. Levine johnl at
Sun Jan 13 16:27:45 UTC 2013

>> and going home is likely not worth the trivial amount of money involved.

> Trivial to whom?  Is $11M/year trivial relative to the $181M/year ITU 
> budget?  Relative to the $2M/year IETF budget?  Relative to the 
> $600K/year budget of NANOG?

Trivial to the US government, who's appropriating the money, of course.

Not trivial to the ITU-R and ITU-D.  You know what they are, right?

> This is as much about funding NANOG and the IETF as it is about removing 
> 7.7% of the ITU's budget.

If I were trying to think of a way to totally destroy the effectiveness of 
the IETF, loading it up with millions of dollars that come with political 
strings attached would be about the best one I could imagine.  Congrats.


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