OOB core router connectivity wish list

Joel jaeggli joelja at bogus.com
Fri Jan 11 23:44:30 UTC 2013

On 1/11/13 02:44 , Nikolay Shopik wrote:
> Also getting POTS line in your pop sometimes get tricky. 2G/3G modems
> with cheap plans cost like 10$/month (dunno about US though), thats
> almost same as POTS line.

They don't generally have public IPs (that can be arranged). verizon 4G
cards have ipv6 now but cradlepoint routers for example don't support that.

I had reverse tunnel from one of our DC's over a 3/4g usb dongle that
had a measured availability of less than 50% which oddly I didn't
consider acceptable.

> On 10/01/13 20:18, William Herrin wrote:
>> Dial up with PPP and then cross the ethernet? Drop off a cellular
>> modem with IP service instead of a dialup modem? Perhaps you haven't
>> noticed but IP over circuit-switched voice lines is giving way to
>> voice over IP packet switched systems. That POTS line the dialup modem
>> needs doesn't have a lot of future left.

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