Microsoft Product Activation server reachability

Nathan Anderson nathana at
Fri Jan 11 04:24:16 UTC 2013

Anybody else having a problem reaching (what appears to be) the sole Microsoft Product Activation server (

$ ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
36 bytes from Communication prohibited by filter

I get this sourcing from our network, from AT&T 3G, and from ye residential DSL connection located in the greater Seattle area. They aren't simply source-filtering. Either that or they are source-filtering for

This is apparently the only server/IP they have set up to respond to these requests. resolves to that IP via every DNS server I've tried (so no round-robin A records), Microsoft products that need to activate over the internet only try to resolve that FQDN, and I've looked for others without success ( isn't valid, for example).

Nathan Anderson
First Step Internet, LLC
nathana at

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