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Jared Mauch jared at puck.nether.net
Thu Jan 10 15:25:53 UTC 2013

On Jan 10, 2013, at 10:17 AM, "Jima" <nanog at jima.tk> wrote:

> On Thu, January 10, 2013 7:53 am, Suresh Ramasubramanian wrote:
>> As for v6 how popular do you see it getting for mail?
> Are you implying that when the internet otherwise moves on to IPv6, we'll
> still inexplicably use IPv4 for mail?

IMHO mail is one of the easiest "first things" to turn on for IPv6.  Nobody is going to really notice a 1s delay if they connect() and you're not listening on IPv6 but are on IPv4.

There are concerns from the spam/blacklist communities that IPv6 will make it too hard to roll-up spam information, so many enterprises will likely stick to IPv4 along the long-tail of deployment as it will nearly always work.

I also see lots of people with 2002: address in my mail-log relying on 6to4 gateways, e.g.:

puck:~$ host doors.huapi.net.ar
doors.huapi.net.ar has address
doors.huapi.net.ar has address
doors.huapi.net.ar has IPv6 address 2002:be88:b1de::1

puck:~$ host warner.fm
warner.fm has address
warner.fm has IPv6 address 2002:423b:6d88::1
warner.fm mail is handled by 10 argo.pyxos.net.

puck:~$ host x25.se.
x25.se has address
x25.se has IPv6 address 2002:53e3:bef8::1
x25.se mail is handled by 1 x25.se.

I suspect folks will run these sorts of gateways for some time..

- Jared

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