OOB core router connectivity wish list

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Thu Jan 10 12:01:27 UTC 2013

On (2013-01-10 10:48 +0000), Dobbins, Roland wrote:

> No it isn't, any more than SNMP is a task for those interfaces.

Sending flowrecords to your slow ppc CPU just to allow export in non-HW
interface is silly, when HW can export it directly, without ever hitting
your control-plane.
Polling SNMP is low volume, so you easily allow RP to poll for them from
HW. But implementing this also in HW would be interesting for low-interval
SNMP polling, then it also would stop working in your non-HW interfaces.

> Again, the analogy is with SNMP.  There's no requirement to be part of the data-plane, it's quite possible to get the flow telemetry to the management processor, same as with SNMP.

Sure, if performance is not important and if you're too poor to buy
interface in your router.


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