Who's the hostmaster for .fl.us?

Joe Greco jgreco at ns.sol.net
Wed Jan 9 16:11:31 UTC 2013

> This seems much harder to find out than I would have expected.
> RFC 1480 is, sadly, dated, and it's really hard to google for ".fl.us" 
> usably.  And www.fl.us goes nowhere.
> Off-list is fine; I don't expect this is a high-interest question.

Neustar has been successful in getting RFC1480-style domain names
effectively discontinued as of maybe a decade ago (we're responsible
for mil.wi.us here) and so any locality stuff under .fl.us is probably
legacy stuff.  They'd much rather sell people foo.us ...

Anyways, whois information is available via www.nic.us which points at
www.whois.us, but if your question is about the ".fl.us" zone itself, 
that's almost certainly handled directly by Neustar.  

www.whois.us appears to be functional, or, at least, showed me current
data for our zones.

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