OOB core router connectivity wish list

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Wed Jan 9 15:58:55 UTC 2013

On (2013-01-09 15:37 +0100), Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:

> equipment already have an mgmt ethernet port, but usually this can't
> do "everything", meaning today one has to have OOB ethernet *and*
> OOB serial which just brings more pain than before.

The key difference is, that those are not OOB at all, they are on-band as
they fate-share the control-plane. 
Having real OOB port is demand everyone should put in their RFQ/RFP.

> http://swm.pp.se/oob.txt

Fully support. In essence, all CSCO needs to do, is bring CMP back that
they had in Nexus7k/SUP1 and SUP2T but removed again in Nexus7k/SUP2 citing
thermal, pintcount and lack of customer adoption.
Other vendors need to check out CMP and copy it.

I emailed freescale, since they are the ones who can solve the thermal and
pincount problem by implementing mgmt board directly. They replied
'something similar will be implemented in the next generation of our
multicore processors' (big kudos to large semi to replies quickly and
cluefully to non-customer queries)
Once there is hardware for this, getting vendors to implement software
should be easy peasy.


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