Postini Exiting ISP Business?

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Tue Jan 8 14:26:34 UTC 2013

I am an enterprise guy, but we've been running MS Forefront Online
Protection for Exchange for a number of years with very few issues (that
aren't determined by flags/polices we've set).  The few issues that we
have had have been with delayed SMTP handoffs between Hostopia (Bell's
backend provider) and FOPE, but I haven't had reports of that for a
couple of years.

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Hey there.


We have been using Postini for a number of years as our
protection for customer email accounts.


Mid last year we received a notice from Google that "In 2013, we plan to
transition your Postini services to Google Apps for Business." 


As part of this notice we were also told "You don't need to make any
to your Postini service or sign up for a Google Apps account. Your
service will continue as usual until your migration begins. We will be
touch at least 60 days before your renewal date."


In mid November, Google sent us a letter that stated that we had until
end of 2013 to basically get off their service or to contact their
partner (Tech Excel) and migrate to Google Apps with them.


Recently we have now been told in email by someone at Postini that we
transition ASAP" and that we really only had til the end of 2012.
talk about confusing.. Not a great way to treat a long term customer!


Anyone else getting the complete "run around" by Postini?  We are fine
leaving them, especially now.  Having said that, I'm interested in
about competitive solutions either in appliances or in cloud based -
this is
*not* an invitation for sales people to call me please.






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