Re: Advisory — D-root is changing its IPv4 address on the 3rd of January.

Joe Abley jabley at
Thu Jan 3 16:38:44 UTC 2013

On 2012-12-18, at 11:15, David Conrad <drc at> wrote:

> WRT the root _hints_ change, setting up a cron job to pull, verify, and install the root hints file periodically (once a month should probably be sufficient) would probably be a good idea.

This change appears to have been completed, as of root zone serial 2013010300:

[krill:~]% host has address has IPv6 address 2001:500:2d::d
[krill:~]% curl -s | fgrep D.ROOT
.                        3600000      NS    D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.      3600000      A
D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.	 3600000      AAAA  2001:500:2D::D

The authoritative location of the root hints file is <> and those who feel like being tidy DNS admins could pull a fresh copy from there so that the next time their nameserver is restarted it will prime optimally.

As discussed at some length before, those who prefer to be more hands-off about this will very likely see no negative impact from their laziness.


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