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Yo William!

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William Herrin <bill at> wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 5:43 PM, George Herbert
> <george.herbert at> wrote:
> > If push came to shove and minor legalities were not restraining me,
> > I recall (without checking) your domain's emails come to your home,
> > and your DSL or cable line is sniffable, so any of the CA who email
> > URL validators out could be trivially temporarily spoofed (until
> > you read your email and responded) by tapping your data lines.  BGP
> > games to snarf your traffic are another venue, possibly not yet
> > even covered by wiretap laws that I know of, though I'm not
> > currently an ISP in a position to personally do that to you.
> And none of this describes an extraordinary effort? The quote you're
> trying to refute was, "suffer such attacks only with extraordinary
> difficulty on the part of the attacker."

I would say it is pretty easy, and I have caught people doing it many
times.  All a hacker needs to do is get a sniffer near your email
traffic.  Then they can grab any challange emails sent to any of you
domain contacts.  Pretty trvial to do in a coffee shop environment.

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