Is Google Fiber a model for Municipal Networks?

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Sun Feb 3 21:52:26 UTC 2013

I've been searching for a few days on information about Google
Fiber's Kansas City deployment.  While I wouldn't call Google
secretive in this particular case, they haven't been very outgoing
on some of the technologies.  Based on the equipment they have deployed
there is speculation they are doing both GPON and active thernet

I found this presentation:

It has a very good summary of the tradeoffs we've been discussing
regarding home run fibers with active ethernet compared with GPON,
including costs of the eletronics compared to trenching, the space
required in the CO, and many of the other issues we've touched on
so far.

Here's an article with some economics from several different

Looks like $500-$700 in capex per residence is the current gold
standard.  Note that the major factor is the take rate; if there are two
providers doing FTTH they are both going to max at about a 50% take
rate.  By having one provider, a 70-80% take rate can be driven.

Even with us a 4%, 10 year government bond, a muni network could finance
out a $700/prem build for $7.09 per month!  Add in some overhead and
there's no reason a muni-network couldn't lease FTTH on a cost recovery
bases to all takers for $10-$12 a month (no Internet or other services

Anyone know of more info about the Google Fiber deployment?

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