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> It's about 3 square miles, and has about 8000 passings, the majority
> of which are single or double family residential; a sprinkling of
> multi-tenant, about a dozen city facilities, and a bunch of retail 
> multi-unit business.

I was musing, off-list, as to why there isn't a Mad-Lib you can just plug 
some numbers into and get within, say, 40% or so of your target costs for
a given design.


isn't it, but it does have a bunch of useful information for this project,
looks like.

A couple of clarifying points:

1) I had posited GPON as I assumed that was where most of the CATV over
FTTH hardware work was, vice FiOS.  Turns out there's lots of hardware for
IPTV as well, and quite a number of smaller deployments, so apparently
that path is easier than I thought.  The only difference is cross-connect
fiber counts, and possibly some link budget.

2) I was planning to provide an IX switch in my colo, so all my L3 providers
could short-circuit traffic to my *other* providers through it, unloading 
my uplinks.

3) Given that, I suppose I could put Limelight and Akamai racks in there,
and couple them to the IX switch as well, policies permitting.

4) Given what a pisser it's going to be to get tags to me on the local 
backbone loops (about 3 are with 5 miles of my city border), I'm also
considering having a 10G or 2 hauled in from each of 2 backbones, and
reselling those to my L3 providers (again at cost recovery pricing), 
while not precluding any provider wanting to haul in their own uplink
from doing so.

5) There's a possiblity my college campus may be on I2 (or want to); 
perhaps I can facilitate that as well -- and possible (again, policies
permitting) extend such connections to relevant staff members or students
who live in the city) (I'm not as familiar with I2 as I should be).

6) And pursuant to 3, perhaps I could even set up the IPTV service and
resell that to the L3 provider to bundle with their IP service, so
they don't have to do it themselves; while it's not a difficult as I 
had gathered, it's still harder than them doing VoIP as part of their 
own triple-play.

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