Will wholesale-only muni actually bring the boys to your yard?

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What's missing in this dialogue is the video component of an offering.  Many customers like a triple (or quad) play because the price points are reasonable comparable to getting unbundled pricing from more than one provider, and they have just throat to choke and bill to pay.

But few IP TV providers will claim good profitability.  And I don't believe any vendor has ActiveE and RFoG going down one strand.


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> A good layer 2 deployment can support DHCP or PPPoE and thus be
> compatible with incumbents infrastructure. However, a good layer2
> deployment won't have "RFoG" support and will prefer IPTV over the data
> channel (the australian model supports multicast). So cable companies
> without IPTV services may be at a disadvantage.

I think this depends on what handoffs my TE can provide at the customer

> In Canada, Rogers (cableco) has announced that they plan to go all
> IPTV instead of conventional TV channels.

Well, the MythTV people will be happy to hear that.

Or they would, if the content people would quit holding a gun to the 
heads of the transport people.

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