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	The biggest problem with Mikrotik is you just can¹t call them up for
support on buggy code. In a critical network this can be a major problem.

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>Out of all the network hardware I have worked on in operations these were
>by far some of the worst. I read lots of good things but like most things
>in life these just dont stack up against a Cisco or Juniper for stability
>and reliability. Most of the ISP's I have worked with were HSD but i also
>followed the progression path in the industry so i have time with Dial Up,
>ADSL/X/...,WISP's, Data Centers etc. and FTTH
>I generally only see these in WISP's and some DSL installs. Never anything
>with huge traffic load and full tables. Generally always driven by the
>factor alone without regard to much else imho. But that's just my
>experience. However maybe there are people that have managed to keep these
>up and handle all you have requested.
>just my 2c
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>> We have many with full routing tables.  Load balancing, works fine, I
>> one site with 8 DSL lines doing balancing across them.   We typically
>> use a GRE tunnel, but OpenVPN or IPSEC work great.
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>> They can not handle a full routing table. The load balancing doesn't
>> They can not properly reassemble fragmented packets, and therefore drop
>> all but the first "piece". They can not reliably handle traffic loads
>> maybe 200 Mbps, we needed 4-6 Gbps capacity. They can not hold a gre
>> connection.
>> On Dec 27, 2013 9:07 AM, "Raymond Burkholder" <ray at oneunified.net>
>> >
>> > >My real world experience with these is that they suck. Plain and
>> > >Don't waste your time.
>> >
>> > Would you mind elaborating what you were trying to accomplish and what
>> > failed?
>> >
>> > Thank you.
>> >
>> > Ray
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