turning on comcast v6

David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Tue Dec 31 05:37:35 UTC 2013

On Dec 30, 2013, at 9:29 PM, Victor Kuarsingh <victor at jvknet.com> wrote:
> I think a new initiative to revive this concept will need to address the
> [negative] points from those previous experiences and contrast them to the
> operational benefits of having it available.  I am willing to help out
> here, but we need some folks willing to put the use cases together which
> make a strong case (oh and they will need email stamina).

Or, alternatively, operators who care about this and vendors who are interested in accepting money to implement what the operators want could get together and form, oh I dunno, the Internet DHCP Task Force, which could specify/implement the standard way of solving this particular problem...


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