The Making of a Router

Warren Bailey wbailey at
Sat Dec 28 06:31:22 UTC 2013

At the very least, could we fight about something worthwhile? I¹m all for
a good fight, and I¹m the first one to trigger the nuclear explosion.. But
the subject matter of this peepee competition is tiring. I query the nanog
gods frequently, sometimes you get useful feedback and sometimes you get a
bunch of haters trying to piss on your parade. There is probably some
validity on both sides, but a Friday night email fight should be reserved
for those email blacklist douchebags.. Arguing over DIY routers being
shittier than radical COTS equipment can be done off list. It¹s supposed
to be Christmas.. Have a coke and a smile and STFU if you aren¹t going to
add some value.

I can¹t wait for this thread to fan back up on Monday morning when the
normal(er) people read this.

The first rule of fight club is.. You don¹t talk about fight club.

On 12/27/13, 8:58 PM, "Shawn Wilson" < at> wrote:

>This has gotten a bit ridiculous.
>I was hoping someone could give technical insight into why this is good
>or not and not just "buy a box branded as a router because I said so or
>your business will fail". I'm all for hearing about the business theory
>of running an ISP (not my background or day job) but didn't think that's
>what the OP was asking about (and it didn't seem they were taking
>business suggestions very well anyway).
>This thread started cool and about 10 posts in, started sucking.
>Warren Bailey <wbailey at> wrote:
>>I propose cage fighting at the next NANOG summit.
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>>Subject: Re: The Making of a Router
>>> Right.  And the point that others are trying to make clear is that if
>>> that $100K is half your capitalization, you have $200K - and that's
>>> nowhere near enought to cover all the stuff you're going to hit
>>> starting an ISP.  (Hint - what's your projected burn rate for the
>>> first two months of business?)
>>not to worry.  growth is not going to be an issue doing openflow due to
>>today's tcam limits.

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