The Making of a Router

Shawn Wilson at
Sat Dec 28 05:58:29 UTC 2013

This has gotten a bit ridiculous. 

I was hoping someone could give technical insight into why this is good or not and not just "buy a box branded as a router because I said so or your business will fail". I'm all for hearing about the business theory of running an ISP (not my background or day job) but didn't think that's what the OP was asking about (and it didn't seem they were taking business suggestions very well anyway).

This thread started cool and about 10 posts in, started sucking. 

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>I propose cage fighting at the next NANOG summit.
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>> Right.  And the point that others are trying to make clear is that if
>> that $100K is half your capitalization, you have $200K - and that's
>> nowhere near enought to cover all the stuff you're going to hit
>> starting an ISP.  (Hint - what's your projected burn rate for the
>> first two months of business?)
>not to worry.  growth is not going to be an issue doing openflow due to
>today's tcam limits.

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