Mikrotik Cloud Core Router and BGP real life experiences?

Eduardo Schoedler listas at esds.com.br
Fri Dec 27 20:41:24 UTC 2013

How about SMP Affinity in CCR?
System > Resources > IRQ.

2013/12/27 Andre Tomt <andre-nanog at tomt.net>

> On 27. des. 2013 17:26, Jim Shankland wrote:
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>  Routing table size was completely not an issue in our environment; we
>> were looking at a number of concurrent flows in the high-5 to
>> low-6-digit range, and since Linux uses a route cache, it was that
>> number, rather than the number of full tables we carried, that was
>> important.
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> FYI, Linux no longer has a routing cache, so any performance numbers with
> the cache in place is void on modern kernels. It was deemed too fragile,
> handled mixed traffic badly, and was way easy to DoS. It wasnt simply just
> ripped out of course, the full lookups was made way faster and a bunch of
> scalability issues got plugged in the process.
> All in all, in PPS, Linux should now handle mixed traffic much better, but
> less diverse traffic patterns might be a little slower than before.
> However, all in all, much more consistent and predictable.
> Not everything is peachy though, there are still some cases that sucked
> last I checked. Running tons of tunnels beeing one. Multicast rx was
> severely gimped for a while after the removal, but that got fixed.

Eduardo Schoedler

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