The Making of a Router

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Well said Baldur....

For those who are movie buffs.. here is the snippet that visually summaries..

As to the knee jerk reaction to a server doing routing.... such folks tend to forget that 
Routers are purpose built servers....and most of the Internet Routing was originally done by servers (or main frames or minis) etc.


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> What I get from you guys is that in your opinion it is not possible to set
> up a small ISP without spending a ton on Juniper or Cisco. I am not buying
> that. Even if I did not have a clear limit on my capital, I would be
> looking at avoiding paying that kind of money, because in the end the money
> comes out of my own pocket.
> Everybody have critical services running on servers. DHCP, DNS, Radius and
> so on are all on servers and you will be down if these services are down.
> What is with the knee jerk reaction for suggesting that the BGP daemon
> could also be run on a server? There seems to be many advantages of doing
> it this way, and not all of them are related to cost.
> Regards,
> Baldur

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