Mikrotik Cloud Core Router and BGP real life experiences?

Martin Hotze m.hotze at hotze.com
Fri Dec 27 09:13:02 UTC 2013


estimated traffic levels are at about half a gig, but at least 50 megs of UDP (VoIP) in both directions.

one thing is that I haven't found a solution for redundant power supply.


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> I am going to be deploying 4 as edge routers in the next few weeks, each
> will have 1 or 2 full tables plus partial IX tables. So I should have some
> empirical info soon.
> They will be doing eBGP to upstreams and iBGP/OSPF internally. I went with
> the 16gb RAM models.
> However these boxes are basically Linux running on top of tilera CPUs, in
> terms of throughput as long as everything stays on the fastpath they have
> no issues doing wire speed on all ports, however the moment you add a
> firewall rule or the like they drop to 1.5gbps.
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