The Making of a Router

Nick Cameo symack at
Thu Dec 26 23:38:07 UTC 2013

>> Unless they deem that it's "outside of scope".  Or they can't get anyone to
>> you inside of SLA[1].  Or they send someone incompetent.  Or it's a problem
>> that's never happened before.


>> *Everything* is a nightmare to support.  A DIY project just means that
>> you're betting you're smarter than whoever the vendor sends to fix their
>> thing.  Maybe it's a good bet, maybe it isn't.

Amen Again!

>> I'm sure you've got plenty of horror stories of DIY project support; I've
>> got plenty of horror stories of vendor support.  Perhaps we can get together
>> some day and have a story-off.  <grin>

Nightmares come in colours of green, teal, and purple!

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