turning on comcast v6

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Fri Dec 20 21:51:48 UTC 2013

In message <CAL9jLaa=qKuMLC7djtMru92f3tQcYp3ehR060nRcfKg-ho+bKA at mail.gmail.com>, Christopher Morrow writes:
> >
> > Not all devices have working IPv6 stacks. OK, they're broken, complain
> > to the vendor and get them to fix their product or buy a working product
> > from a different vendor.
> >
> I don't know that this is a practical option... for say some systems I
> know that don't do v6 properly or at all, and which have buying cycles
> on the 10yr horizon, not 2yrs/etc.

And I hate to say it but people have been saying for over a decade.

	* request support IPv6 in the products you are purchasing.
	* test the IPv6 support.
	* report the bugs found so they can be fixed.

This situation was foreseen.  Too many people just left this for
later and later is here now and the fixes will come too late for

> BUT... so what? you can do v4/v6 on the same LAN, right? just only use
> the v4 bits for those devices?
> I don't think 'eh, toss out your crap, buy new crap' is the right
> message to send. 'you can cohabitate, this isn't virginia' is though.
> -chris
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