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> > I am strongly considering having my upstreams to simply rate limit ipv4
> QoS is a very poor mechanism for remediating DDoS attacks.  It ensures
that programmatically-generated attack traffic will 'squeeze out'
legitimate traffic.

I agree. But ... i am pretty sure i am going to do it. Trade offs.

> > During an attack, 100% of the attack traffic is ipv4 udp (dns, chargen,
> Have you checked to see whether you and/or your customers have open DNS
recursors, misconfigured CPE devices, etc. which can be used as
reflectors/amplifiers on your respective networks?
> Have you implemented NetFlow and S/RTBH?  Considered building a
mitigation center?
> <http://mailman.nanog.org/pipermail/nanog/2010-January/016747.html>
> Do you work with your peers/upstreams/downstreams to mitigate DDoS
attacks when they ingress your network?

Not answering any of that. But thanks for asking.

> There are lots of things one can do to increase one's ability to detect,
classify, traceback, and mitigate DDoS attacks, yet which aren't

I think ipv4 udp is just going to become operationally deprecated.  Too
much pollution.  It is really an epic amount of trash / value ratio in ipv4

I recommend folks enable their auth dns servers for ipv6 ... and dont run
open resolvers


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