ddos attacks

Dan White dwhite at olp.net
Wed Dec 18 16:36:50 UTC 2013

Can anyone recommend a vendor solution for DDOS mitigation? We are looking
for a solution that detects DDOS attacks from sflow information and
automatically announces BGP /32 blackhole routes to our upstream providers,
or a similar solution.

Thank You.

On 08/05/13 21:09 +1000, Ahad Aboss wrote:
>Use a DDOS detection and mitigation system with DPI capabilities to deal
>with traditional DDOS attack and anomalous behaviour such as worm
>propagation, botnet attacks and malicious subscriber activity such as
>flooding and probing. There are only a few vendors who successfully play in
>this space who provide a self healing/self defending system.
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>I’m curious to know what other service providers are doing to
>alleviate/prevent ddos attacks from happening in your network.  Are you
>completely reactive and block as many addresses as possible or null0 traffic
>to the effected host until it stops or do you block certain ports to prevent
>them.  What’s the best way people are dealing with them?

Dan White

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