do ISPs keep track of end-user IP changes within thier network?

Ken Matlock matlockken at
Tue Dec 17 15:05:04 UTC 2013

Wait, you mean to say that the normal mode for TNT's was it *not* to reboot
and crash all the time? :)

Ascend tech support's stock answer to any issue was either

1) Upgrade the code
2) Oh, you already tried that? downgrade the code! :)

And the company that managed to put out a release to 'fix a spelling error'
that managed to completely break all IP routing? :)

(Yes, I loved the PM2/PM3's)


On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 7:44 AM, <Vinny_Abello at> wrote:

> Dell - Internal Use - Confidential
> I personally never ran the Ascend gear (outside of a setting up a
> customer's Ascend Superpipe 95 dual ISDN router one time), but I heard that
> the TNT gear doubled as space heaters. I remember one facility we were in
> that had a catastrophic cooling failure and the temperatures went to insane
> levels. Our PM3's happily kept running and never had an issue where I heard
> every TNT box in the facility kept rebooting and crashing.
> -Vinny
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> On 16/12/2013 21:09, Paul Stewart wrote:
> > Back in the day (geesh I feel old just saying that), I deployed a lot of
> > PM3’s …. Then we moved to Ascend TNT Max stuff - that was very exciting
> > back then!
> "Exciting" was just the word for Ascends.  In the mid 90s, I cured lots of
> this excitement by putting my ascends on a socket timer which physically
> rebooted them a couple of times daily.  The support load dropped off
> substantially due to that.
> Nick

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