Telx Atlanta

Nick Olsen nick at
Mon Dec 16 21:21:25 UTC 2013

Greetings, We're looking at getting access to the peering fabric/internet 
exchange in Telx's Atlanta facility.

Looking for feedback from anyone willing to share their experiences with 
Telx, Participating in "TIE"...etc.

As well as if anyone is aware of their third party cross connect policy. 
The sales rep told me that in order to participate in "TIE" we had to 
purchase colocation space for our equipment from them, Then cross connect 
into tie. And that purchasing space from anyone else located in the same 
building, or purchasing a point to point from $teir1carrier to patch us 
into the exchange was not possible. Even though their website clearly 
states "Telx will then run a cross connect to your equipment if you are 
located  inside a Telx facility. If you need a third party cross connect, 
Telx  will provide a Letter of Authorization and a Facility assignment for 
the  third party."

On or off list. Thanks!

Nick Olsen
 Network Operations 
(855) FLSPEED  x106


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