do ISPs keep track of end-user IP changes within thier network?

Carlos Kamtha kamtha at
Sat Dec 14 08:04:38 UTC 2013

The PMs were fantastic. 

PM3's were pretty good as well. 2 PRIs or T1s.. 48 56k digital modems, + ISDN support.. :)


On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 05:21:18PM -0500, Sam Moats wrote:
> I still have a soft spot for the Portmasters :-). We had rows of PM2's 
> with US robotics 33.6K sportster modems attached on 8mm tape racks.
> Back when a town of 40K people could all connect through 2XT1's and 
> everyone was happy.
> Sam Moats
> On 2013-12-13 16:59, Jon Lewis wrote:

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