Cisco ADSL2/VDSL2 Voip Router

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We used the EM 200 series at my last job. They behaved reasonably well, especially considering the nutty scenarios we deployed them in. 

If you're committed to Cisco, the 800 series is great as long as you don't intend to terminate TDM traffic and convert to SIP, transcode, or deploy any local voice services via the router such as conference bridging. Then you'd need something in the ISR/ISRG2 line w/ PVDMs installed.

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> I have a customer that is looking for a voip router.

The Edgewater EdgeMarc 200 series has worked well for me. The ones that I've used have 2xFXS and 1xFXO ports with ADSL.  Lots of knobs in a fairly sane web GUI.

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