Best practice on TCP replies for ANY queries

Anurag Bhatia me at
Wed Dec 11 18:06:36 UTC 2013

Hello everyone

I noticed some issues on one of DNS server I am managing. It was getting
queries for couple of attacking domains and server was replying in TCP with
3700 bytes releasing very heavy packets. Now I see presence of some
(legitimate) DNS forwarders and hence I don't wish to limit queries.

As I understand there are two ways here for fix:

   1. I can put a DNS rate limit in reply to ANY packets like say 5 replies
   in every one min. (but again I have some forwarders with quite a few
   machines behind them).

   2. Other way is limiting TCP port 53 outbound size ...limiting to say
   600-700 bytes or so.

I am sure I am not first person experiencing this issue. Curious to hear
how you are managing it. Also under what circumstances I can get a
legitimate TCP query on port 53 whose reply exceeds a basic limit of less
then 1000 bytes?



Anurag Bhatia

Linkedin <> |

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