Network Lifecycle Management - anybody???

Stefan netfortius at
Tue Dec 10 01:44:59 UTC 2013

As $subj may infer, do you guys follow any type of network lifecycle in
your environment? If so - what would be some criteria you would consider

- consistent rate of cash flow, year after year, while replacing aging gear
(allowing for consistent budgetary planning)
- risk reduction while replacing unsupported equipment
- security issues associated with OS or appliances not supported
- business / apps demand for capacity or features (e.g. virtualization,
SDN, etc.), laid out well in advance to allow for a 3-4-5 yrs plan with a
consistent replacement rate of aging equipment
- increased costs of support for aging equipment, or recertification for
vendor support
- anything else ... ???

Care to share some [other] aspects, as they may relate to $subj?


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