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>> I opted for my minimal-effort solution.  I installed a Motorola SB6121 and a 5th gen Airport Extreme and turned them on. Of course I configured the Airport Extreme with a name, management password, and confirmed IPv6 was set to to configure Automatically and Native.  When the Comcast drop was plugged in and Comcast authorized the modem, I had a multistacked LAN.
>> Going on 11 months of IPv4/IPv6 service.  I’ve had about 1 hour of downtime.
> Not having the device, but a friend does (who has asked about
> IPv6 support), does the Airport Extreme support prefix delegation
> with a separate guest IPv6 delegation from the non-guest address?
> When I looked at the Apple forums, I only saw questions, no
> answers regarding that support.
> Gary

My testing on OS X Mavericks shows that an Airport5,117 with firmware 7.6.4 creates the guest wireless network:

1. With an IPv4 address from an automatically assigned RFC1918 LAN connected through NAT to WAN.

2. With NO IPv6 addressing of any kind.

My conclusion is that Apple does not yet support IPv6 in any fashion for Wireless Guest networks.

James R. Cutler
james.cutler at consultant.com

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