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On 12/8/2013 11:48 PM, Jay Ashworth wrote:
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>> I seem to recall an early bit of research on interactive computing
>> (maybe by Sackman) that showed user preference for a /worse/ average
>> response time that was more predictable (narrower range of variance)
>> than a better average time that was more erratic.
> Very specifically:
> A 3270 that took 5 seconds of delay and then *snapped* the entire screen
> up at once was perceived as "faster" than a 9600 tty that painted the same
> entire screen in about a second and a half or so.  Don't remember who it
> was either, but likely Bell Labs.

Back in the day we were building a system to run on UNIVAC equipment but 
some brainiac decided that because we were a Bell System company, we had 
to use DataSpeed 40's (which buffered the screen and snap it up when the 
last character is received) instead of the UTS terminals on which the 
system was developed (which painted each character as it came in.

Users weeped and wailed to no effect that the change hurt them badly 
(which they could prove) because that while the two had the same time 
from first character to last, the operators could not start composing a 
reply when the first several lines had painted.

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